About us

The Content Creators Coalition is a non-profit, artist-run, advocacy organization for musicians. With chapters in five cities, we are dedicated to working with songwriters, performers, and musicians for equity in the digital world. 

If music generates money for anyone, therein lies the proof of its value and c3 is devoted to artists and creators receiving what theirs is.

There is a groundswell of musicians banding together to demand action and see laws put into place and c3 will continue to protect and support those creators as changes are made. 

Find your nearest chapter, get to know us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and #JoinTheBand

our Executive Board:
Melvin Gibbs



John McCrea​

Vice President


Tommy Manzi



Rosanne Cash

Vice President At Large

Tift Merritt

Vice President At Large

Matthew Montfort

Vice President At Large


Juli Crockett-Feldman
Legislative Policy Committee

Melvin Gibbs, Policy Chair: mg@c3action.org


Politics & Organizing Committee

Tom Murphy, Politics and Organizing Chair: tm2@c3action.org


Governance Committee

Tommy Manzi, Governance Chair: tm@c3action.org


Advisory Board

T Bone Burnett, musician

David Byrne, musician

CAKE, band

Patrick Carney, musician in The Black Keys

Nels Cline, musician

Marc Cohn, musician

Count, producer & filmmaker

Rodney Crowell, musician

Dead Kennedys, band

John Doe, musician, actor & poet

East Bay Ray, musician in Dead Kennedys

Alex Ebert, musician

Tony Fagenson, musician in Eve 6

Michael Franti, musician

David Hidalgo, musician

Yuka Honda, musician

Patterson Hood, musician

Barney Hoskins, music journalist

Zakir Hussain, musician

Shooter Jennings, musician

Wesley Keith Schultz, musician

Damon Krukowski, musician

DJ Logic

David Lowery, musician in Cracker & Camper Van Beethoven

Rupa Marya, musician in Rupa & the April Fishes

Bette Midler, musician & actor

Rhett Miller, musician in Old 97’s

Eugene Mirman, comedian & writer

Dan Navarro, musician

Edward Oates, engineer & musician

Joan Osborne, musician

Alec Ounsworth, musician in Clap Your Hands Say Yeah

Chris Paine, filmmaker

Sam Philips, musician & actress

Grant-Lee Phillips, musician in Grant Lee Buffalo

Ted Rall, cartoonist

Vernon Reid, musician

Ned Rothenberg, musician

Chris Ruen, author

Isaac Slade, musician

Speech, musician in Arrested Development

Jonathan Taplin, writer & producer

Stelth Ulvang, musician

Tom Waits, musician

Matthew Weiner, creator of Mad Men

Matthew Wong, musician in Clap Your Hands Say Yeah

John Zorn, musician​